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I am always greatful of any help with Tryst, whether it be with the website or with the program itself. Read on to find out how you can help Tryst mature into a better application.

How can I support Tryst?


Donations are a great way to ensure that Tryst continues to be in development and that all your feature reqeusts and bug reports get implemented. I am always open to any donation and greatly appreciate the gesture. Donations are easy and secure with PayPal. To make a donation just click "Donate using PayPal" on the side.


One of the best ways to help Tryst become a better product is to thoroughly test it (as well as the nightly builds) and identify bugs. One of the most difficult aspects of making a network-based application, or any application, is testing it in a wide variety of environments, so any help is greatly appreciated. Send bug reports to


As of right now this website is being maintained solely by myself, so I would appreciate any help in its creation/maintenance, especially if you have knowledge in php since I would like to add some more dynamic features in the near future (forums, etc.). If you would be interesting in pitching in with the Tryst site, contact me at


Both Tryst and the Tryst website are always in need of more art/icon designers. If you have some ideas for a new icon/interface art, let me know at

Spread the Word

Tell others about Tryst so that the user community can grow. More people using Tryst means more support and more people sharing their movies!

Code Contribution

Feel free to send me any code contributions/bug fixes you may have discovered, I can't garuantee I'll get them in there on a timely basis but I will do my best. Send code contributions to For information on compiling and working with Tryst, visit the development page.