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About Tryst

The code behind the program.

The Story Behind Tryst

Tryst was designed with one purpose in mind: to bring the experience of watching movies together to the computer. I am currently attending USC, a university with a great film program. For this reason, Tryst was originally intended to allow aspiring young film makers to share their creations over the campus network, which is more than capable of handling the necessary bandwidth required to stream movies. However, it soon became evident through tests that Tryst was perfectly capable of working in home environments as well, and for a variety of purposes, from streaming home movies to broadcasting class lectures. There is still much development being put into Tryst, with many new features and enhancements in the works, so make sure to check back regularly or get involved in the community!

Tryst Development

Tryst was developed by Francisco Tolmasky, currently a sophomore at the University of Southern California, using Apple's XCode IDE. Tryst uses the Cocoa frameworks, utilizing Rendezvous to handle the "broadcasting". The actual streaming is handled by the VLC back end. For specific instructions on how to compile and modify Tryst, please visit the development page. Tryst is Open Source and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Tryst State of the Union

With 1.0 under my belt, I can now safely go back and strengthen a lot of the weaker aspects in the program. Tryst is currently going through a transitional phase, as I am completely rewriting the networking/rendezvous core. The end result should be a completely reusable and robust framework that is inherently capable of chat capablities as well as movie broadcasting. Check back soon for some development builds!