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Introducing Tryst

Movies were meant to be watched together.

Finally, high-quality streaming for the rest of us. Using Apple's revolutionary Rendezvous technology, you can make your movies available on the network for everyone to watch together, or even password protect them for private showings. Broadcast family movies, student films, or class lectures without ever having to worry about multicast addresses, SLP announces, or port numbers: Tryst puts all the power of streaming at the touch of a button.

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Options That Matter to You

Tryst handles the complexities of streaming in the background while offering you a wide array of practical choices. Tryst Options Set time delays to give peers the opportunity to discover your movie and "subscribe" to see it. Limit the amount of connections you allow for more intimate screenings or to simply reduce stress on slower networks. Password protect your broadcasts to screen whom sees your movie and whom doesn't.

Tryst Inspector

Organize with the Movie Inspector

For the first time you can truly organize your movies in an intuitive way with the movie inspector. Record cast and crew attributes or add your own custom ones, then search through them in real-time. Quickly add several movies at a time by drapping as many as you want in the movie listing, and you'll never misplace your files again since Tryst keeps track of where you place them, even if you move them afterwards.